WO2009158041A2 Multi-functional support structure

Ordinary telescopes, when for example, moved from a warm room to a cold outdoors, require a warm-up period, often cited to be a half-hour, during which the telescopes eyepiece image may be distorted due to what astronomers perceive as thermal changes in the optical elements. We have tested this theory by observing the thermal time constant of a 250 mm Newtonian mirror, and through performance tests of our invention as a whole. Firstly, said mirror, weighing about 5 Kg , requires more than three hours to change from 1.1° C (34° F) to 18.3 ° C (65 ° F)., eliminating the objective mirror as the source of the half-hour warm up. It remains that the distortion is caused by mis-alignment of the optics caused when the telescopes weak mechanical structure is subjected to rapid temperature changes.

Multi-functional user structure

The optical support is composed of two forks forming a mounting plane for the optical element and a collar perpendicular to the forks. We realize the optical element in an objective assembly comprising a reflecting objective and glass disc where the objective support forks receive the glass disc and the disc receives the objective. A diagonal mirror is centered on the coincidence of the reflected optical axis of the objective and eyepiece centerline. We mount the diagonal mirror directly upon a glass disc without interposing adjusting means. The combination of mirror and disc removably affixed to a diagonal support similar to the objective support. The diagonal support is of the same design as the objective support and is adjusted with similar means.

Since the support has been assembled against an extremely flat surface, misalignment of the forks is minimal, and any remaining flatness errors may be removed by abrasive lapping to avoid point-loading of the glass disc. When the support collar is concentrically engaged with the main tube, the eyepiece axle centerline and flat plane of the forks become perfectly parallel, provided the main tube is perfectly straight. Run-out of the main tube may be compensated for within the clearance between support collars and main tube. When the objective is mounted on its support and eyepiece in its tube, the incident and reflected axis of the main mirror and centerline of the eyepiece are at 90° to each other.

WO2009158041A2 – Multi-functional support structure

They are implementing accessible cycling projects in the local schools that would bring together the young people as they try new activities. The strategies would be useful in ensuring everyone is included in the events that take place within and around the park. Just provide one set of classes and applications and simply pre-fix every piece of data with a unique identifier for each Venue. So all the Bookings for example, would be in one large class, but each entry would be tagged with the Venue ID and the code would simply track all the data with the Venue’s ID before creating or opening the records for that Venue.

Whilst some of those descriptions can be very useful for people working within your programme, try to use more generic titles, at least at the higher levels of your programme structure. A programme structure can be very complex with workstreams and projects interfacing in different ways. If your organisation includes a lot of ambiguity (e.g. matrixes, local, regional and global) be careful about reflecting that in the programme structure. My general recommendation would be to avoid carrying organisational ambiguity into the programme structure.

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After its regeneration, the park employed more than 5000 people, with 30% of them being the local community 6. The park officials expect that by 2025 they will have created more than 15,000 job opportunities within the park 6. The creation of such opportunities will raise the living standards of the people and help them to lead sustainable lives.

Ordinary telescopes are inseparable designs which suffer a total loss of optical alignment upon disassembly. Outer tubes conceal the optics and adjusting means, making optical alignment difficult from a standing position and impossible from a seated position, and making optics cleaning impossible without their removal and loss of alignment. Our invention is a separable structural design allowing rapid disassembly and reassembly for transport or storage without loss of optical alignment by the features of the supports and main tube as described above. Since the alignment of our imager is inherent in the combination of main tube and supports, removal and re-installation of the optics does not affect the optical alignment.

Multi-functional user structure

The use of this NPPF helped the architects of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to create something that fulfilled and sustained the environmental, social, and economic needs of the local community. The Greater London Authority identified Stratford as a significant town with the potential of becoming a metropolitan center 5. Thus, they believed the creation of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park would help in transforming the area. The functional teams comprising the multifunctional shared service must understand the objectives and benefits of the initiative. Leadership should clearly outline expectations, make the critical staffing decisions, and define “what’s in it” for the employees.


The park can serve people from all walks of life despite their age, race, gender, disabilities, religion, and sexual orientation. They achieved multi-functionality by promoting sustainability, community, and inclusion. Sustainability was achieved by initiating projects that would improve the lives of the people while conserving the environment. For instance, it created employment and learning opportunities for the local people and children, which improved their economic status.

  • Sometimes it is important that the quality function is independent of the programme and this depends on your organisation and the regulations you work under.
  • As Dmitry pointed out, are there any regulations/limitations around sharing data within customers?
  • But it means some work on how to prepare your application to be deployable with kubernetes.
  • In nature, biological taxa are building structures with far more complexity, information capacity and assembly instructions than even the most advanced structures possible with our current manufacturing platforms.
  • We mount the diagonal mirror directly upon a glass disc without interposing adjusting means.
  • The axle places more of the reflected axis at right angles to the incident axis, shortening the main tube length and reducing its moment, causing greater rigidity of the main tube.
  • Recently, however, there has been increased interest in the development of load-bearing materials and structures which have integral non-load-bearing functions, guided by recent discoveries about how multifunctional biological systems work.

The stationary eyepiece of 4,444,474 partially addresses accessibility, but complexity and other issues render it impractical. Our Invention overcomes these long felt needs with a design simple and inexpensive for the unskilled Public to practice. Imagers are often coupled to various weapons systems where the proportion of weapon to imager is large, our imager is inversely proportioned such that Modern back-office soft versions the imager is of greater range than the weapons system. Therefore, it is clear that LLDC achieved multi-functionality while creating and developing the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Multi-functional architecture has several benefits for designers, users, and community members. The land is used efficiently to accommodate all people as they fulfill their social, economic, and cultural needs 13.

Finance Shared Services: Global Trends In Finance Shared Service Locations

A 1250 mm (50 in.) FL objective requires an outer tube length of greater than 1140 mm . An 1140 mm long, 250 mm diameter Schedule 5 steel pipe could rigidly support a 250mm objective, but at 0.23 Kg/cm (15.3 Ib/ft), the tube weighs 26 Kg in addition to 5 Kg main mirror. About 26 Kg of steel supporting a 5 Kg objective is an impractical design as much of the tubes deflection caused by its own weight. It is impossible to decrease weight by reducing the outer tube diameter while concentrically receiving the objective, and impossible to reduce tube length as it is primarily a function of objective FL.

They can even encourage the members to avoid over-reliance on non-renewable sources of energy. It is also cheaper and affordable to maintain multi-functional facilities compared to the ones meant for a singular function. The first thing that the architects and LLDC wanted to achieve while creating the park was sustainability. They were guided by several policies and principles in their design and construction activities. One of these policies is the National Planning Policy Framework , which offers a framework for the implementation of local housing and community plans 9. The policy requires that construction plans and decisions should reflect the significant international obligations and state requirements.

The implementation of multifunctional shared services does not come without challenges. When you venture across functional boundaries, sometimes you disrupt highly integrated single-function organizations that perceive themselves as experts at delivering high-quality services at low costs. While the existing standalone functions may perform well, looking at broader opportunities can enable even higher levels of efficiency and customer service. Next, we examine several common challenges that arise with the transition to multifunction. The concept of advanced structures exhibiting the functionality of self-healing or remodelling is of high scientific interest . Biologically inspired, self-healing functionality has been shown through the incorporation of material phases that undergo self-generation in response to damage.

Since the use of screw points to support the weight of the objective may result in stress concentrations and distortion of the objective, we place the supporting and adjusting points beyond the objective radius. Shims may be incorporated as a second adjusting means in six degrees of freedom at the support points to compensate for slight imperfections in the optical element. Very fine adjustment of the objective or diagonal position may be accomplished by the use of precision shim material between objective and support. The LLDC worked towards promoting and achieving permanent accessibility and inclusion. They focused on the physical developments that were taking place in the park, and they jointly worked with transformational partners and developers to come with an inclusive public space.

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One is a light-driven actuator integrated with an EMI shielding function, which can be used as an intelligent shielding curtain. The other is an electrical-driven actuator integrated with an energy storage function. Especially, the functions of actuation and energy storage can be simultaneously/independently used without interfering with each other. We provide comprehensive research from the material level (CNT-polymer composites) to the device level , and then to the system level (multi-functional actuators). We believe that the integration design of the multi-functional actuators will open up new avenues for the development of soft robotics, wireless signal transmission switch, and deformable supercapacitors.

Here, the idea of the functionalized and hierarchical design is proposed to construct the multi-functional and integrated actuators. Inspired by the structure of cobwebs, multi-functional carbon nanotube -polymer composites with network structures are proposed and applied in multi-responsive actuators, supercapacitors, and electromagnetic interference shielding devices. Two multi-functional and integrated actuators are highlighted to demonstrate the practical applications.

Best Practice for data structure for multi-user systems

Conversely, it can be curiosity driven research promoting a vibrant entrepreneurial culture for new innovations and applications within universities and research institutions. Figure 4 is a right -front dimetric view of diagonal mirror , disc and diagonal support , forks, and , and collar . However, the main challenge of designing and developing multi-functional facilities are the financial costs involved. The responsible corporations may need extra funds from government and non-governmental organizations. However, it is challenging to get such help, which makes the construction of multi-functional facilities seem impossible. The inclusive design concept was demonstrated in the creation of the London Aquatics Center.

Finance Shared Services: Geographic Model, Governance, and Scope

Contemporary trends such as eco-technology, sustainable architecture, and minimalism have led to its evolution. Multi-functional spaces play a crucial role; they are appropriate in representing the rapid and continuous evolutionary changes in architecture. They are also practical in showing how society is adapting and responding to the changes 11. Besides, the multi-functional architecture develops spatial possibilities for communities such as communication and social-cultural relations, hence reviving the ‘spirit of the community’14. An alternate support system replaces the cross and lifting mechanism with a tee and counterweight tube affixed to the eyepiece axle opposite the main tube. The counterweight tube receives a counterweight to offset the mechanical moments of the main tube.

Tests show no eyepiece image distortion due to moving the entire invention from warm indoors to a cold outdoors. Our main tube and fork design allows the optics to be cleaned without their removal and loss of alignment. Dust covers may be applied directly to the optical elements instead of only to the ends of an outer tube, reducing the volume of contaminants trapped between the optical element and cover. Imagers suffer several design flaws – lack of accessibility, particularly by those in wheelchairs, eyepiece image moving in two planes and structurally weak designs concealing the optics and their adjustments from reach. Individuals in wheelchairs may occasionally look through an eyepiece, but may not assemble, align, disassemble, clean and transport the device. Imager structures often have poor structural strength therefore poor optical system performance.

The image former of Claim 2 where said objective is of reflective or refractive type.

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