Target market: how to define it with examples


These attributes include gender, age, education, religion, income, and geographic location. Defining your target audience is a cost-effective way to deliver your brand message to the right market; these are people who will most likely be your customers. If your target audience is not defined, you’re shooting in the dark. Targeting and a defined target audience are the key to success in all of your marketing efforts. Everything should revolve around the user, and knowing who they are will help you accomplish that. That last question is particularly important, because it will prevent you from sinking resources into ultra-niche campaigns with low ROI.

A choice of the target market is based on the research of market segments that have the most potential for the company. A business may also focus on several needs and identify a primary target and a secondary target. In this case, a company focuses its marketing efforts and directs most of its resources to the primary market. At the same time, a secondary target is usually smaller and less crucial for product promotion. Creating a target market analysis will help you understand the types of consumers you need to market to and will even help you break into niche markets.

Target Audience vs. Target Market

A How To Define Your Target Market And Target Audience In 2021 market should utilize a combination of these factors to be effective. For example, a business that sells clothing for pregnant people will face a lot of competition if it doesn’t narrow its focus. It may take different approaches depending on if its focus is professional or casual wear. This cool and quirky footwear brand is another excellent example of target marketing at work. The brand appeals to “misfits and rebels,” with a daredevil outlook that may not attract every shoe-wearing citizen but is sufficiently focused so that rebels worldwide can’t get enough.

  • Although it might seem great to reach as many people as possible during the Super Bowl, it can also be very expensive.
  • Instead, it is the best way to be cost-efficient with your product development, tailoring and advertising.
  • Once you know who your target audience is, everything else becomes easier.
  • The company’s marketing efforts aim to create the feeling of a comfortable ‘third place’ between the place of work and home that is appealing enough to visit daily.
  • She has been writing on business-related topics for nearly 10 years.
  • Diving deeper can help you to fully understand who your ideal customers are as people.

Target audiences often decide where to spend money on ads, how to appeal to customers, and what product to build next. On the other hand, target audience is narrower in scope than a target market. It refers to a distinct group of consumers that a company targets with its marketing message. However, they are the people that you want to appeal to with your marketing efforts. To effectively connect with your target audience, you should know who they are, including their needs and intentions.

Review existing customers

They also help to guide the company’s overall approach to its service, as evidenced by the rest of the positioning statement. So, work to understand who your business serves, and why they should care. And remember that the only true way to know who you should target is by testing. The scattergun approach can only take you so far – and that’s if you manage to make it past the start line at all. In other words, it’s not the children who buy McDonald’s products — it’s the adults in their lives. Which is why today, McDonald’s offers healthier, fresher menu options, and more upscale coffee products.

tone of voice

In other words, if you aspire to make everyone a potential customer, you’re less likely to gain attention from people who will actually benefit from and buy your products and services. Instead, focus your marketing efforts on a clearly defined section of the market, and you’ll attract more valuable customers who will help your business grow. Now that you know what a target market is, why it’s important, how to find and market to them, what’s stopping you? Take some time today to begin listing the features and benefits of your product/service, as well as reviewing your customer history and observing trends. This will easily give you insights into where you should focus your marketing efforts.

Target Audience Types

It’s essential to collect data about your customers if you have a more narrow focus. If they complete a survey, you can offer a discount or coupon code to customers who visit your site or business. By looking at what blog posts or landing pages are captivating your audience, you can repurpose content that isn’t and promote the content that is. For instance, if your blog post about email marketing was a hit with audiences, share it on your socials to expand your reach.

How to define your target market and target audience in 2023?

  1. Tap Into Your Existing Customer Base.
  2. Know Your Customers' Pain Points & Aspirations.
  3. Target Audience Details: Psychographics, Demographics, and Persona.
  4. Tune In with Social Listening.
  5. Study the Competition.
  6. Google Analytics Shaping Your SEO Search.

You can see who and from where your visitors are by accessing the People tab on your Insights dashboard. Below is an example of how Facebook shows location demographics. It seems that a primary location is the East Coast, so it’s safe to say that part of the target audience for this page is located in East Coast cities. Always make sure to understand the difference between target audience and target market. While similar, their difference is critical for marketers. Defining a buyer persona—also called a customer persona, audience persona, or marketing persona—will help you target your ideal customer.

Remember, by marketing to a specific group of people, you can focus on getting the language, tone of voice, and content just right. This enables your message to get across more clearly and will make your audience more likely to buy your product or service. If you do face-to-face networking in your industry, you can offer to buy someone coffee or lunch in exchange for a few minutes of their time to ask a few questions. The best way to understand your target audience and their challenges is to simply ask about them. Customer surveys can net highly useful data that will inform everything from ads to sales pages to product and service offerings. Jotform offers a broad selection of online survey templates that can be formatted and customized for your unique purposes.

What are the 5 ways to define target market?

  • Demographics. Demographics are important because we can only start to understand how people think by first knowing who they are.
  • Psychographics.
  • Wants and Desires.
  • Fears and Frustrations.
  • Key Purchasing Decisions.

Target market segmentation is the process of dividing your target market into smaller, more specific groups. It allows you to create a more relevant marketing message for each group. If you know how to create marketing messages that truly resonate with your target audience, you’ll achieve higher conversion rates, and build a more powerful brand. With a clearly defined target market, every detail of a product or service can be perfectly tailored to their needs and desires. This will result in incredibly satisfied customers and overwhelmingly positive feedback. Demographic data signals the most effective marketing channels for your business , where to sell your products and how to price them and the ideal language to use to address your customer.

easy ways to reach your target market

If you know what problem you’re solving or what innovation you’re offering, you’ll also know whom to target. Targeting these people means mean you’ll be able to put your product in front of the most relevant audience. A target audience consists of people who really want or need what you’re offering. If you have a clearly defined target group, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how, where, and when to reach it.


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