How to Add a Closet Office Cloffice to Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Expanding your cloffice storage with drawers is a relatively simple process that works for every space. Feel free to buy a desk with built-in drawers or make your own. Then get drawer slides and attach your DIY drawers to the desktop.

Schnell decided she wanted to keep the original closet shelf in case the family ever sold their home and could easily convert it back to a closet. You can also take more detailed measurements to decide what desk options will fit. Tell us about your interior design project and we’ll connect you with trusted local pros. It all depends on the type of closet you have and its location in your home.

Closet Office Nook Ideas

”I took down the door of the closet to create a nook that best felt like its own space within a space, Inception-style. I’m obsessing over convert closet to office the terrazzo wallpaper, so used a black-and-white version for a neutral contrast against the rich blue from our kitchen cabinets.

  • Heather Bien is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer whose work has appeared on MyDomaine, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, HelloGiggles, and more.
  • Austin, who was going for a boho farmhouse look, added wallpaper on the side walls of her closet and shiplap on the back wall.
  • Once you have your moulding cut down to size, you are ready to hang!
  • Find items that maximize the space in your closet, such as a fold-out desk or an L-shaped desk.

“I would have to say that it’s much easier to do than it looks,” she says. Leave considerable space over your desk area (so you don’t hit your head every time you stand up) and put up some floating shelves to show off your precious items. Here are some handpicked cloffice ideas that will help to create your own happy workspace. Once you’ve figured everything out, move it into your closet from back to front. Just like you got the power flowing earlier, you’ll want to handle as much of your cable management as possible before moving the desk in and putting stuff on your walls. Basically, anything that you want to hide needs to go in first. Anything you’ll be interacting with regularly because it’s right in front of you should go in later.

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Another option to help increase light in the closet is to opt for sliding glass doors. One thing that often goes overlooked when it comes to home offices is lighting.

converting a closet to an office

You don’t want to trip over your gym shoes every time you work from home or end up feeling smothered, wedged between your partner’s business suits and your winter coats. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, you must stay productive! Here are some ideas and tips on how to improve your productivity when working at home.

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