How to accept Bitcoin payments: A 2021 guide for small businesses Article

Understand the types of currency your merchant wallet accepts before telling your customers what forms of payment you can accept. It’s frustrating to wait for funds to become available in your bank account. In many cases, the transactions occur in real time or within a few minutes. There aren’t various banks slowing down the payment process. High transaction speeds are a bonus; in today’s world of instant gratification, no one likes to wait. ECommerce and cryptocurrency complement each other quite nicely since they share the same home, and both appeal to the digitally-savvy user.

Now that you have your crypto wallet and/or gateway set up, it’s time to add crypto into your website. Anna’s experience in business and finance led her to work for a US risk mitigation company in Singapore. She has contributed to POS and payments topics in the Retail section across Fit Small Business.

How to accept Bitcoin and crypto on Shopify with BitPay

Set up special withdrawals that require additional approval for increased security. Application-level protection with a web application firewall, continuous monitoring, and automatic mitigation of network attack risks. Testing is a major part of the B2BinPay integration process which helps eliminate any potential problems before going live. KYT compliance technology makes sure your business ticks all the boxes when it comes to anti-money laundering requirements. Protection from DDoS attacks, full data encryption and blockchain transparency, coupled with secure checkout.

  • She specializes on the topic of small business tips and resources.
  • For example, while both WordPress and Shopify come with built-in integration for cryptocurrency payments, Shopify has an easier step-by-step guided setup process compared to WordPress.
  • Nakamoto hoped to create a system that would decentralize the financial sector and give power back to people through a digital transaction system.
  • Last year, we created a test platform for these banks to use these currencies in a simulated environment.
  • The global online gambling industry is worth billions of dollars.

Again, because cryptocurrency is digital, you will need a digital way to accept payments. Your POS system may already offer an integrated app, or you may need a standalone device. Often the transaction is as simple as requiring a customer to scan a barcode or tap their phone to make a payment. Cryptocurrency can be used like money, much like the dollar or the euro.

How to accept cryptocurrency

You can receive 70+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. The recent upgrade to PayPal’s payment app now allows users to hold and then convert crypto to USD to pay for purchases. An encyclopedia of useful information regarding our products and services.

How do I accept a crypto payment

Like with stocks, you may have to pay both short- and long-term capital gains taxes on them. Capital gains are profits you make by selling property or investments that have risen in value. If you hold the cryptocurrency longer than a year, then the tax rate is generally lower than if you sell it right away. The easiest and best way to pay with cryptocurrency is to use your wallet, most of which are compatible with nearly all popular cryptocurrencies. A regulated cryptocurrency exchange will let you exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency.

You send and receive payments using a cryptocurrency wallet. CoinGate – accept and process payments in more than 50 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin on the Lightning Network. The easiest way to accept Bitcoin payments as a merchant, in business, or on your website may be to use a Bitcoin payment processor service with a point-of-sale integration. This article is for entrepreneurs and small business owners interested in learning about cryptocurrency as a customer payment method. The private key is the key to your wallet and how you authorize sending payments. So remember, with your private key — keep it, and keep it private.

Other cryptocurrency payment options

That could amount to significant losses for your business if you had to sell when the price was low. And while we’re doing so much crypto, it only makes sense to check out the measures to secure your cryptocurrency. In addition, you should check for minimum withdrawal limits for your payment gateway. In addition, you have to track who’s paying what and match that with the real customers. Paychant also boasts of instant conversions to fiat as a measure against crypto volatility.

Coingate is a similarly powerful solution with a wide footprint in over 100 countries and support for 50+ local currencies. In June 2021, global crypto adoption soared over 880% compared to last year. We may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this site. Sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you.

BitPay’s payment protocol allows for a better user experience and reliable performance for your customers. Part of the appeal of cryptocurrency is that it is decentralized. However, this also means there are no laws to control how people use it, which comes with some risks. Some worry that there will be laws soon, but no one really knows what those regulations will involve.

You will be able to use your cryptocurrency balance as a payment option at checkout. Circle’s Crypto Payments API allows you to take payments from your customers on-chain and receive settlement in USDC, BTC and ETH. Most customers expect you to accept debit and credit card… Adam Uzialko is a writer and editor at and Business News Daily. He has 7 years of professional experience with a focus on small businesses and startups. He has covered topics including digital marketing, SEO, business communications, and public policy.

Payments API

If this option is not available to you, you can integrate payments with HTML code from your wallet . Speak to an accountant so you understand the tax implications of accepting bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, as regulations vary by state and country. Regulations may change how you plan to record bitcoin payments in your overall accounting systems. Reap the benefits of the huge online market by accepting crypto payments. Doing this work will create a lot more possibilities for shoppers and merchants, allowing them to transact in an entirely new form of payment.

How do I accept a crypto payment

For your online stores, the ease of adding a crypto payment gateway will depend on the ecommerce platform you use. For example, while both WordPress and Shopify come with built-in integration for cryptocurrency payments, Shopify has an easier step-by-step guided setup process compared to WordPress. You first need to decide whether you want to receive your crypto payments as cryptocurrency or fiat money. Once you have chosen a platform, you’ll need to go through the steps to create and set up your account.

Best in class payment conversion

Integrate once and begin accepting cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and more. We offer hassle-free integration of cryptocurrency payments into your system through API. Fiat settlements straight to your bank account via Swift and SEPA payment methods. There are options for one-time how to accept cryptocurrency withdrawals or you can set up regular payouts. As your customers become familiar with and begin to use cryptocurrencies, it will really help your business if you accept digital currencies. An exchange is a digital platform that functions as a program you would use to personally buy stocks.

How do I accept a crypto payment

Multi-crypto wallets can hold a few types of cryptocurrencies, but you can also use an account that holds only one type. To make things easier for yourself and your customers, it is wise to use a wallet that will accept several cryptocurrencies. Some cryptocurrencies may be made through a process called mining. To mine Bitcoin, for example, a computer solves extremely complex mathematical problems to figure out which set of transactions goes next in the blockchain.

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So you run a company and want to start accepting Bitcoin for your business. You can do it with help from third-party services, or customers can pay you in person without any middleman. Checkout with Crypto will automatically appear in the PayPal wallet at checkout for customers with a sufficient cryptocurrency balance to cover an eligible purchase.

This is particularly dangerous because, unlike fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar and the euro, cryptocurrencies are not backed or insured. For a short while, the company even began accepting payments in Bitcoin, in exchange for its products. While the company has stated an intent to accept cryptocurrencies in the future, such forms of payment are currently on pause, due to environmental concerns.

We are seeing this fact play out on the Mastercard network, with people using cards to buy crypto assets, especially during Bitcoin’s recent surge in value. We are also seeing users increasingly take advantage of crypto cards to access these assets and convert them to traditional currencies for spending. This system verifies funds and makes it next to impossible to spend more than you own.

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